MRR Product Feature: Ruby Lee & Me


Here is a brand new novel study for grades 3-5 for Ruby Lee & Me by Shannon Hitchcock. It has everything you need to cover this book in your classroom–NO PREP REQUIRED!

Ruby Lee & Me is a sweet story about friendships, sibling love, prejudice, and race relations.  The story is set in North Carolina in 1969 and is loosely based on the author’s own experiences from her childhood.

In Ruby Lee & Me we meet Sarah, a twelve-year-old girl whose younger sister, Robin, is seriously injured after being hit by a car. Sarah is devastated. She can’t bring herself to tell her parents the awful truth that Robin’s accident was her fault.

Sarah’s best friend is Ruby Lee, a black girl whom she has known her whole life. Though the races are segregated in the sleepy North Carolina town, Sarah and Ruby Lee’s friendship is strong. They enjoy playing together and share each other’s secrets. The schools are being integrated and the girls are excited to be going to the same school in the fall. Not only are the students being integrated, but the teachers are being integrated too. Sarah’s class will have the school’s first black teacher. The town is abuzz with the news. Everything in Sarah’s world seems to be changing. One day Sarah calls Ruby Lee a horrible name (the N word, though it is not used in the book) and their friendship is shaken to its core.

The arrival of Mrs. Smyre, the new black teacher, helps Sarah try to make things right, knowing that her world has been forever changed.



  • ages 8-12
  • Lexile score: 590
  • 224 pages


This 100+ page book unit contains everything that you will need to cover Ruby Lee & Me in your classroom, including:

  • Student Worksheet Packet
  • “Mark My Words” Vocabulary Bookmarks
  •  Word/Definition Cards for Matching Game
  • Word Wall Cards
  • Character Study Graphic Organizer
  • Character Compare & Contrast Graphic Organizer
  • Story Map Graphic Organizer
  • Dice Game – students must answer content questions
  • 6 Section Quizzes
  • Vocabulary Quiz
  • Final Exam (asks students to summarize novel along with M/C questions)
  • Student Research Projects
  • Complete Answer Key
  • CCSS Checklist of Standards covered for Reading, Writing, and Language for grades 3-5
MRR Product Feature: Ruby Lee & Me

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