Back to School Sale + Story Mapping FREEBIE!


Can you believe it is August already? This summer has really flown by…as usual.

What’s been happening at My Reading Resources this summer? There is a big redesign project in the works. Everything is getting a fresh look and some updates to make each product even better. It is a big job, and it has gone a lot slower than expected, but the end result…SO WORTH IT!


The Teacher Pay Teachers Best Year Ever Sale runs August 1 – 2. Everything in my store is 20% off. Don’t forget to use the promo code: BestYear to boost your savings to 28%!

Let’s kick off the school year in style–with a FREEBIE! Here is a great little graphic organizer that works for almost any narrative text that your students might read. It covers identifying setting and main characters, and asks students to determine genre using supporting evidence from the text. Finally, students must identify the main problem in the text, as well as its solution. I love story mapping to help teach summarizing. Sometimes the idea of putting an entire book into a few short sentences can be overwhelming. Story mapping to the rescue! Students complete the story map, and suddenly all the information they need for a great summary is at their fingertips. Enjoy!





Back to School Sale + Story Mapping FREEBIE!

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