Milestone Celebration! A NEW Freebie!

My Reading Resources is celebrating a TpT milestone this month! Though it still feels like every product sold is worthy of celebration, this is a great opportunity to celebrate a little longer and do a little something special, and perhaps give you something to celebrate, too.


As this year is an election year, I thought you might appreciation an election-themed item.  This new freebie is a question and answer dice game for Dan Gutman’s The Kid Who Became President. The game is a part of my novel study and it is such a fun addition to the classroom. You can use it in your centers as a way to check comprehension, or you can divide your class into groups and give each group a game board to play as a test prep activity.  There are several general questions about American government – you can pick out which question cards to use in the game and even use it without reading the book!

Also check out my novel study for The Kid Who Ran for President, and my Kid Who Ran/Kid Who Became President novel study bundle.

Milestone Celebration! A NEW Freebie!

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